We Hear You Online is what businesses are now using to improve their online presence and reputation. A few bad reviews have destroyed business for many people and we have created a solution to this problem. You can now have more control over the reviews that are pushed on to the internet. 90% of the work involved garnering this positive feedback is done by us. All you need to do is add your client’s emails to the website and wait for the positive reviews to flow in .
The website allows you to log in and add the email addresses of your clients. We Hear You Online automatically sends out an email to the client and asks for their feedback on the experience with your business. If their feedback is positive, they will be redirected to your Google and Facebook review pages so that they can review your business on those popular websites. As potential customers look up your business, they will then see these positive reviews. This will not only dramatically change your online reputation, but will also help growing your client base.
One major benefit is that you are given the chance to see the feedback, especially if it is negative, and improve your business if necessary. We give you the functionality to interfere and prevent bad reviews on Google, Facebook etc. if they leave a bad feedback through We Hear You Online. The most important benefit is that you can increase your reviews online and people will choose you over your competitor because of your positive presence online.
It is $20 per month for such a valuable service.
There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. Note that when you delete your account, we reserve the right to delete all your reviews from We Hear you Online.
Click on the signup page and simply fill out the form. Please make sure you add the links to your own Google review ID and Facebook review page and/or any other link to your specific review page directory.
You can click here and type your business information. Copy and paste the ID that appears on the map and post it on the form.
Simply go to your Facebook page and find “reviews” on the left menu. Copy the link on the address bar and paste it to the signup form.
We recommend 3 main ones. Start with Google and Facebook . For more specific businesses, you can add from the various options given. You are limited to 6 review links.
Our website is secure and the payment is secured by Stripe. So have no worries and get started on building your business.
NOVA, a well known Marketing firm in Virginia has created this platform and is supporting it.
You need to add your client's email on a daily basis to the platform. Streamline the process by adding the customer as soon as you have completed a transaction. This way, the positive encounter with the customer is still in their minds as they review your business.
We Hear You Online automatically sends out an email to the client and asks for their feedback on the experience with your business. If the feedback is positive, they will be sent to another page with your Google, Facebook review pages so that they may review your business on those websites as well. This will dramatically change your online reputation.
You will receive an email every time a client leaves a review so that you may moderate it.
Only Google and Facebook will be monitored for you and you will receive a notification email if you get a review on Google or Facebook
You can delete test reviews or any review on your account on We Hear You Online.
You cannot delete reviews on 3rd party sites.
We Hear You Online gives you the codes that you need to place on your website to push your reviews.
Yes, on my reviews page you have access to those codes.